• "The will to win, the desire to succeed"

    It’s a great pleasure to be a graduate of a world class prestigious University of Moratuwa.

    The BIT Degree inevitably opened many doors into my future and added more values to my profession.

    The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach my full potential were the key success factors behind the achievement of my first class.

    Lahiru Sudasinghe

    @ Peoples Bank

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  • "Embark on a Perfect Career as a Perfect Graduate"

    It was a challenge to study as an individual mode student, because every effort depended on how hard I work by myself. CODL provided good learning materials such as text based notes, e-books, presentations, video tutorials and also reference books to study each subject. And also provided a good time management framework to work on deadlines. Continuous Assessments, Quizzes and Discussion Forums helped me to keep track on every subject till the end of each exam. As an external graduate student of Faculty of Information Technology, I am indebted to the University of Moratuwa for opening many doors to a student like me to achieve a higher education qualification to become an IT professional in tomorrow’s world and for post graduate studies.

    Shelan Leonardo Cooray.

    Associate Engineer Technology @ Virtusa

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  • "Flexible Learning Mode for Today's Busy Life"

    I am Proud to have completed the Degree of  Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) from University of Moratuwa, one of the prestigious Universities in the island. I was always interested in the field of Information Technology from an early age, however, I chose to marry and start a family before I could complete my higher studies. The Online Distance Learning degree BIT @ UOM gave me the opportunity to pursue my dreams through a program that was flexible and convenient for my schedule. I was able to be a part of this prestigious degree without abandoning my role as a wife/ stay at home mom.

    I recommend this program and encourage everyone who want to fulfill their dream of completing higher studies in IT to join this program which is custom designed for you. The Online, Distance learning and Self Study options are really flexible for today’s busy woman.

    Rizka Marikar

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  • “Strong Academic Foundation For any Area in IT Industry”

    “Strong Academic Foundation For any Area in IT Industry”

    This BIT Degree covers many areas in the IT field such as Software Engineering, Databases, Algorithms and some core concepts of AI. This is a degree that gives a solid foundation of any field in the IT Industry.
    These modules gave me the courage to self-learn the subjects more deeper and having a good knowledge about them. It is a pleasure to have a worthy IT degree from the prestigious University of Moratuwa. 

    Gayan Prasanna.

    Associate Software Engineer @ Auxenta Inc

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  • "The Best way to become an IT Professional"

    The BIT degree programme is a general IT degree that teaches overall aspects of IT to prepare you as a "ready - to - go" person in any field of IT. It also includes modules relates to Business Managment to develop you as a professional with a complete set of Cooperate/Business skills.

    Throughout the span of 03 years, I gained all the knowledge required to start my career in any area related to IT, be it a Network Engineer or a Web/Mobile Developer or a Software Engineer.

    I, went ahead and managed to start-up my own business offering wide-range of Web based solutions to local and International Companies. In simple words, the BIT programme taught me to become a Success Business IT Professional.

    Mufleeh Sadique

    Manager Business Solutions @ Colombo Web Solutions

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