Level 1

An applicant may be considered for Admission to the BIT degree programme , if he/she has:

  1. Three passes in the G.C.E. (A/L) examination in one sitting.


Any other educational / academic / professional qualification acceptable to the Faculty Board and approved by the Senate. An applicant who seek admission through other qualifications (not having A/L s) are required to pass the aptitude test.

Approved other qualifications are listed in the Applicant Handbook Page number 3.


  1.  A credit pass for Mathematics in the G.C.E (O/L) examination


Level 2

To enter to the Higher Diploma programme an applicant must successfully complete the Diploma Programme.


Level 3

To enter to the Degree programme  an applicant must successfully complete the Higher Diploma Programme.



Applicants who have completed HNDIT at Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technogical Education (SLIATE ) have been exempted from 16 modules.

For details please refer Applicant Handbook Page number 4.

A student may enter the programme at different levels depending on the qualifications they have obtained.